Presentation Overview

Designing a curriculum to offer to your audience is important.  

Here, you will find a selection of topics I currently present on.  
Many of these concepts work well together in one- or two-hour sessions,
allowing for group discussion as well as individual connection.
Selecting from the ideas below and your own desires creates a unique
"mix-and-match" approach suitable for many situations.

If you're looking for further details, timing specifics or additional topic varieties,
don't hesitate to contact me!  



The fast paced arts industry has the potential to put blinders on.  Here we use gratitude to amplify growth and dedication to your occupation.  Find a gratitude list that works for you and get ready to see the world through a different lens!

Essential Oils

How can artists use essential oils to be better students, performers and teachers?  Learn to choose safe, certified pure therapeutic grade oils.  Discover the best resources to learn more about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support.


Using affirmations in daily life takes dedication.  With effective guidance, you can learn to harness positive vocabulary to put belief into action. Use these tools in the studio, before auditions and in creating a successful lifestyle.



Would you like to offer your students a grounding and balanced practice environment?  Would you like to take advice from your core thoughts, listening to your mind and body point you in the right direction?  Let's meditate!


"The things we say and the thoughts at bay are bound to influence in every way!"  Taking time to clarify where you're headed and the state of being you want to be in along the way is powerful.  This topic allows for a whole and pure approach.


Too long humans have decided to 'control' breath.  Learn to 'receive' breath.  Dive into the details of how supportive and life changing a full breath can be.  Take away multiple exercises to calm, center, energize and release fear.



As artists, there is often a gap between what we feel and how we articulate.  This interactive subject lets you practice a conversational method than isn't a feedback loop.  Allow others to be heard, and get ready to speak your truth!


Have you ever just wondered... WHY?  By beginning with our core feelings we'll complete a 7 Steps to Why exercise.  Taking a look at the motivations behind your actions sets you up for a meaningful path and connection.

Goal Setting

It's so much more than checking off a to-do list!  Back off of the conventional method that leaves you feeling like you've failed again.  Create intention and place your attention wisely.  Find out what you've been missing all along!