Leaning into Late Summer: How this Season will Energize the Civil Rights Movement

A mentor of mine has a beautiful habit of sneaking in questions that incite gratitude.  She’s keenly aware that focusing on what we are grateful for can lead to everything in our life blossoming in the glow of abundance. 

So, today I received this question:
What is your very favorite thing about summer?


My answer:
My favorite thing about summer is when it ends.

“Oh,” you say.  “You’re one of those people.”  And yes, the following in a list of states in which I have claimed residency: New York, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Michigan.  I know a good lake effect snowfall when I see one.  I’ve woken adrift in the White Mountains with snow up to the door handle and laughed with glee. But wait!  Read on, brave hearts.  What I really mean is my heart absolutely swells during the end of summer.

Late-Summer. That feeling you get when you go to the farmers market in August and you sense the abundance. The world is heavy with child. The harvest is soon. And the world is showing how very grateful it is to lean into season, change and cycle.

I feel especially in my feminine this time of year.  There is nothing that could get me more invested into applying oils to align my chakras, sobbing throughout Kingdom of Heaven or being powerfully fueled to publicly stand for peace, love and acceptance.

That’s why, given the current political and social unrest in the United States after the white nationalist marches and subsequent violence in Charlottesville, I look to women and their embracing of eternal rebirth for solace.  Make no mistake, I believe everyone is fully responsible for their part in this civil rights fight.  However, nothing has moved me quite like the stories my fellow sisters have shared of their commitment to changing the world.  In-person, shoes on the ground, trajectory-changing commitment.  The time has passed for armchair activism.  We get to bring our gifts to the world and set an example for those who refuse to lift the world up.

Interesting, that I get to lean into late-summer as I go through a heartbreaking realization of just how blind I’ve been to current events.  How could I not have seen that to stay silent is to encourage intolerance?  How could I have been preoccupied with my own personal growth at the behest of my mind when the unrest I felt was a cry from my soul to see the bigger picture?  Yes, I can always continue healing myself, but I cannot fully realize my purpose without healing the world around me.


I challenge you to reevaluate what this change in season means.  What is the universe telling you in solar eclipses, in full moons, in cycles of rebirth and season, pattern and change?  It is telling me that we are heavy with knowledge.  We know that we need to act.  The harvest is coming- where humankind must unearth and dig free the fruits of our labor.  We are tasked with bringing to light the work we have done on ourselves and still must do in order to heal the world.  Choose to accept the call to courage.  Release the need for perfection or pristine clarity and act out of love, compassion and the committed purpose to uphold equality and freedom. 

Because in my experience, we are faced with a choice: Allow intolerance to be tolerated and risk the toppling of universal human rights.  Or stand up to the misguided notion that someone has the right to choose whether you are more human or less human than they are. 

Your choice.  Silence is your vote to let this continue.  Silence is your confidence that someone else will see to this fight because you’re safe.  Don’t let the silence and privilege paralyze you.  Now, in late-summer, a time full of rebirth and energy and unlimited abundance, choose to act.  I’ll be there with you.