Our Story

The Essential Artist was created in 2015 out of the need for centering and mindfulness in an ever changing world.  Artists of all types have been balancing promoting their core message with staying relevant in the twenty-first century.  Often times, the rapid growth of our society leads to a feeling of scarcity- that there's never enough to go around. Our job through The Essential Artist is to reassess your goals.  What makes you tick, drives you and will carry your vision into the future?  If you don't know, you're not alone.  But today is the best day to start figuring it out!

Combining holistic education, mindset shifts and brain-body-being awareness alongside yogic principles, meditation and breathing exercises, The Essential Artist creates educational and interactive experiences to find Your Best You.

Ginny Dodge

After obtaining a bachelor of music degree from Ithaca College, I studied instrument repair in Red Wing, Minnesota.  I repaired for 6 years, working most recently on high end woodwinds at Midwest Musical Imports.  During this time I pursued my love of folk and neo-folk music, writing and casually performing at singer-songwriter venues such as The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. 

While honing my craft as a repair technician, I also began a journey of personal development and education on using essential oils and holistic alternatives.  My yoga practice kept me connected to my body and soul, and I help others free their spirit through traditional and Buti yoga classes.  As my passion for mindful wellness and the arts continued to grow, The Essential Artist became the perfect setting for unifying my skill sets.  Here I can educate, build community, inspire others to continue serving the arts industry and share my love for essential oils, holistic healing and focusing on doing the Good Work.